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The Secret B-Sides w/ For Def LIVE @ The Orange Peel 6-5-2021

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Asheville’s own cosmic soul-ambassadors, the Secret B-Sides have a style both old and new; think Shuggie Otis, André 3000, or Khruangbin. The B-Sides sound is solid gold, psychedelic, baby-making, elevator music. Despite the tragic passing of founding members Jeff K’norr (in 2017) and Robin Tolleson (in 2019) the remaining band carries on as a spiritual funk family–continuing to write, rehearse, and occasionally perform live. With new members added, the band maintains an emphasis on dinosaurs, flying saucers, and love–searching for the perfect balance of yacht rock and hip-hop.

For Def is the “for fun” band of Jack, Maddie, and Mike from Asheville. It started as a weekly jam and has turned into a “real band” because they are working on a tape now. For Def is a “jam band” however before you jump to conclusions it is still pretty chill and people have said that its “kind of like shoegazey” and “also mostly groovy?”

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