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Lazybirds @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 3-17-2917

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

“From our earliest days bumming around Boone, the Old Crow boys knew it was the Lazybirds who were the best musicians on the scene. Why after all it was the
Lazybirds who played those infectious country blues and that feverish hillbilly swing which got all the girls going down on King Street. Back then the ‘Birds played the downbeat for every picking party in town; we listened on in awe to their incredible syncopation, ears pricked to hear the deep body of songs
they played, all of us Old Crow boys new in town and hearing for the first time in a long time that familiar tongue of musical kin. It was the Lazybirds–Mitch and Jamey, Jay and Andy– who welcomed us in and got us our first gigs in the High Country; who taught us dozens of songs, and how to play ‘em with finesse because if Old Crow was down home, Lazybirds were uptown. For more than a decade Lazybirds have been carrying on North Carolina’s long time tradition of
exceptional roots music making. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Lazybirds’ “Broken Wing” is quite possibly the best album to come out of Carolina in 2010. Continuing to mine the rich terrain where fiery old-time country partners up with smoking jazz and blues (and sets the dance floor ablaze), this collection contains gems and rarities sure to delight any pair ears with a penchant for Pan-American music. With the title track, Jay Brown confirms my suspicion that he may be North Carolina’s best undiscovered songwriter. “Broken Wing” is a soul stirring
classic, standing equal alongside Dylan’s Forever Young (Lazybirds recorded version of which is even more gorgeous than the original). Newest member and Ashe County muleskinner Alfred Michels plays some of the best High Country fiddle I’ve heard since Frank Blevins of the Tarheel Rattlers. All in all “Broken Wing” is a beautifully fluid record from the first song to the last. With their laid-back style, reverence for the roots, stellar harmonies, and the chops of seasoned pros,
Lazybirds’ music continues to grow in scope and depth. We in OCMS continue be inspired by this band who, hearing first nearly 12 years ago, knocked our socks off. They still do.”

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