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Native Howl LIVE @ Asheville Music Hall 10-7-2017

The Native HowlLead vocalists and guitarists Alex Holycross and Jake Sawicki had been friends and musicians in the same area for several years before venturing into what would become the current lineup of The Native Howl. In the fall of 2013, primarily as a duo, they released a 6 song EP, “The Revolution’s Dead.” With the addition of Josh LeMieux on drums, and Mark Chandler on bass, the Howl’s music has evolved into their own unique blend of rock, folk, bluegrass, alternative, and experimental genres. Add piano, harmonica, banjo, djembe, and you will begin to have a glimpse of the musical complexity that defines their sound. Their lyrics embody a folk-like storytelling style; the music shines through with a rustic and clean sound. In the year that followed, they renovated the studio that launched a self-managed record label, Clean As Dirt Records, released their full length album, Inukshuk, and cultivated a widespread following by performing numerous live shows with many talented artists throughout Metro Detroit. The Native Howl’s newest undertaking is a self produced EP, Thrash Grass, which features 5 tracks that truly embody the albums namesake. The songs are The Native Howl’s own unique blend of bluegrass and thrash metal. Fans can expect to hear immersive four part vocal harmonies, aggressive drum patterns, relentless melodic instrumental picking, and memorable hooks.

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