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About Us

Who We Are

Independent Arts and Music of Asheville, or IamAVL for short, was founded in 2012. With over 40 years of experience in the music industry, working for major labels, bands, venues, publicists and more, we understand where the music business has been. More importantly we know where its going.

IamAVL was conceived as a vehicle specifically for Asheville’s local music scene, but with a sensibility towards scaling to any communities that shared similar values. IamAVL is a first-of-its-kind platform that integrates video production, in-studio recording sessions and live performances into one seamless channel for the creation of high-quality content.

Today’s artists need the support of their immediate communities now more than ever. They need technical, digital and marketing assistance along the way from proven teams that understand how to work with—and not against —the creativity of today’s artists. IamAVL steps boldly into this space with a unique value proposition.

What We Do

IamAVL’s HD Video, digital and streaming capabilities are our major asset; We are one of the countries first video production houses to be wired directly into local clubs and venues, streaming live video performances every night of the week in order to showcase both local and out of town bands. Each performance is archived and distributed according to each band’s wishes.

Fresh HD content is uploaded to the web for our clients to use however they choose: To promote an upcoming album, announce a new tour or simply reward their fans for their support.

Based out of the famed Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Downtown Asheville, IamAVL is a digital-first operation, offering both live streaming and in-studio recording sessions for emerging artists as well as creative packages that address all of the needs of today’s artists, from marketing assistance, promotions, local and national press coverage, social media marketing and more.

More important than any service we offer, it is our sensibility as music lovers who wish to see new music thrive in an over saturated market that distinguishes us.

iamavl Our mission is to provide a platform to help expand the reach of Asheville based musicians and artists, to make some great music and art, and to have a great time while doing it.
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