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The Clavicles LIVE @ One World West 3-15-2020

Posted In : Archives, One World West

Born of a dear friendship, we formed Clavicles in the summer of 2016. The ghosts in the centuries old lounge in which we found ourselves playing a few nights a week wrapped their ethereal tendrils around us, and our sounds have been found from the place in which they reside.

Daisy Castro is a violinist/cellist/dragon with a Jazz/Classical Background. She first picked up her violin as a young’n, and has only put it down since then to eat, shower (occasionally,) or pick up another instrument. She has found recognition in recent years in the genre of Jazz Manouche, touring often with her quartet and being utilized in other outfits, such as the Gonzalo Bergara quartet. Clavicles provides her an outlet for her broad and varied musical interests outside of the Jazz umbrella.

Brian Lee is an acorn with a love of songwriting and cooking meals for the people he adores. He quietly spent his salad days journaling and crafting songs to soothe his soul. He learned to whistle at four, but picked up guitar in his teenage years. Dearly valuing human connection and the catharsis that comes through experiencing art, performance has been a place of comfort and purpose. He sings often in establishments in his native south Jersey, and on the streets of any city in which he won’t be fined for doing so.

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