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Clock Keeps Tickin’ – Granola Funk Express 20th Year 1997 – 2017

Posted In : Archives, The Orange Peel

Touring since 1997, GFE creates a live-wire party whenever they drop the beat! GFE’s music
consists of positive hip-hop rhymes over a fusion of funk based jams which expand into reggae,
rock, metal, blues and soul. With over 100 songs, GFE creates a musical collage of modern day pop-
culture. They are an extravaganza of artistry; with five musicians, three emcee’s and a vocalist, the
shows are Guaranteed Fresh Every time.
GFE has a large and growing cross-country fan base who travels to see them play. Word of mouth
advertising has been packing venues the band has only played one or two times.
Jenny Junk-percusion and flavor
Josh Blake-harmony (guitars and such)
Dave Mack- Fat ass bass-lines
Chad Hockenberry- Drums and production—-
Adam Strange- super genius
Foul Mouth Jerk-vocals
Mr Sharp aka nature boy-Vocals
Agent 23-vocals
Marissa – Vocals
Cricket – probation
TopR – King of the hippies
Plus we will never forgot the many members who used to be with us.

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