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Colby Deitz Band @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 9-14-2018

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Colby Deitz, originally from Sylva (a small town in Western NC), has seen his music go through several changes over the course of his career. Starting as a worship leader for a local church, being a member of a regionally known band, to fronting his very own musical machine; Colby now has his sights set on the very top of the Rock/Pop charts. Currently living in Asheville Nc and throwing himself into her rapidly growing music scene, That goal seems more and more possible every day.

Leaving his position at the church and starting a Folk/Rock band, Mangas Colorado (2013), with his high school buddies; Colby was given the opportunity to hone his skills at several dive bars and small music venues across the Southeastern U.S. He was writing songs and performing them for new people every week; giving him the ability to shape his songwriting style around his different audiences. Sharing the stage with Grammy winning artists and some of the most notorious Americana acts around, this young man is no stranger to the stage. However, relationships and other career choices for his fellow bandmates were bringing the Mangas chapters of Colby’s life to an end. He was out of money and left with 2 choices; go back and finish school, or continue chasing his dreams of a musical career and start a musical project all his own.

One year on the road with his own band, things were looking like they were never going to grow for Colby and his band. Stagnation and poor management skills were keeping Colby Deitz Band chained to the local scene. Signing with J/C Entertainment and Speakeasy Artists came at just the right time as his patience grew thin of mismanaging himself. With J/C Entertainment at the helm managing, and Speakeasy Artists keeping his calendar full, Colby is capturing attention now, more than ever.

Recently equipped with an All-Star, more seasoned band, Colby is lighting up stages across the U.S. He delivers a powerful punch with his awe-inspiring stage presence and a voice that has been tuned with acute precision, for the road and records alike. This is no singer/songwriter with simple songs from an acoustic guitar anymore. This kid and his band are playing Rock n Roll and Pop music like some of the chart-topping artists we all know today. Firm believers in authenticity, Colby and his band pour everything they have into every single show. You won’t be able to look away for a single second as Colby and the band rotate instrumental duties and give you a performance that is poured from their very souls. With an unrelenting performance, a voice like you’ve never heard, and organic songwriting that’s played whether you like it or not; this Tasmanian devil and his band will give you the show you’ve been trying to Catch your entire life..

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