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The Goodies! LIVE @ Asheville Music Hall 12-29-2017

Mike Allen and Holiday Childress met in the glorious year of 1983 next to a hallway locker in their first year of junior high school. Michael wore leather pants, a studded leather belt, and football cleats to school in an attempt to look more like his idol Gene Simmons. Holiday , then addressed by his birth name Steven, grew up in England around and on loud Air Force bases and was engouraged to dress more conservativley. Holiday enjoyed the sounds of Hall and Oates. Mike loved Kiss. “want to be in a band?” was the first thing Mike said to Holiday. Mike had a band already going and could not honor Holiday’s request to be the singer or the drummer, those positions were already filled. So reluctantly Holiday took up the guitar. The first practice was at Mike’s parents house. Holiday’s first guitar was a tennis racquet. Mike was really good at the plastic buckets he used for his drum set along with a snare, kick and hi hat his parents bought him for christmas.. MTV was new and the astronaut on the moon standing next to the mtv flag with that great guitar riff made being in a band look more exciting than playing baseball. Young Holiday turned his back on a carreer in baseball and followed Mike Allen to the dark side of rock and roll. The first rehearsal was priceless.Holiday was a hyper active child and when Mike put the needle in Kiss “Alive” and started playing along to “Deuce”, Holiday could not help but to spin the guitar (tennis raquet ) around over his head, jump up on Mike’s parents bar and begin to swing at the piles of records and smash the tennis rauqet into the ceiling. Mike quickly took the needle off the record and said “easy junior , cool down buddy, take it easy.” Since then, Michael and Holiday spent most of their time learning to play their favorite music on guitar and drums and quickly began to make music of their own. Not all of it was good. Their teenage years were spent trying to grow their hair out and look and sound as much like the rock and metal of the 80’s that is now on VH1 Classics. Around this time Holiday switched schools and found that there was another guitarist in town. That new guitarist just moved into town from New Jersey and was just as good or better than him. His name was Rob Finck, now known as Robin Finck (guitarist for NIN, Cirque Du Soliel,GNR). Holiday and Robin became friends and are best friends to this day. They had a solid understanding of each other and would competitively learn the lastest licks of their 80’s guitar heros. The years kept rolling by and influences changed every year from Van Halen to Guns and Roses to Prince to Janes Addiction , The Cure ,The Pixies, Tom Waits and so on. ( and every knock off band that we won’t mention ). After high school in the early 90’s the boys moved into an old slaughterhouse in Atlanta and made it their communal living space. There were 5 of them in the band. Only two of them actually had jobs. The others just spent time tearing down or building walls , hanging black lights and drinking beer if they had the money. That is where Patrick Kelly came in.He loved the band. He also had a job. Better yet, Patrick worked at a pizza parlour and would bring us pizza in exchange for bass lessons. There was alot of experimenting and socializing in the wharehouse. It was located next to a railroad track and was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. This is where they had their first taste of life on their own. About a year or so after moving into the wherehouse, Holiday Mike and Patrick started rehearsing in the space and tweaking sounds and songs. Holiday, who wasnt playing much guitar at this time, began to pick up the guitar again. A sudden rush of inspiration hit and Holiday , Mike and Patrick were all about soaking it up. It was a very fertile and imaginative time. The warehouse days were coming to an end. Robin’s audition with Trent Reznor obviously went well because he got the job and his life changed forever. Mike, Holiday and Patrick brainstormed for a name and the Goodies were born in the summer of 1993. Some serious songwriting went on for the next year and the Goodies hit the road. Branching out of Atlanta, the Goodies discovered Asheville in 1995. WOW! “What a beautiful place” they thought. The Goodies relocated because they loved the town and the people they met.

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