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The Danberrys @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 4-7-2017

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Whether one calls it kismet or destiny, some things are just meant to be, like The Danberrys. Dorothy Daniel and Ben DeBerry both began to learn music around the age of ten and later joined talents when they met in high school in 1997. They dated through their first two years of college and then after four years, Dorothy and Ben went their separate ways. Five years later they realized they never should have never parted. They were married in October 2006.
Ben had several years experience of leading bands with his sizzling guitar and laid-back lyricism when Dorothy joined his projects as a guest vocalist in 2007. It soon became evident that the duo deserved a life of its own and The Danberrys were born.
Drawing deep from the blues, folk, bluegrass and soul/funk traditions, the Danberrys deliver inspired original tunes featuring strong harmonies and dynamic musicianship. Company Store, their first EP, was released in April 2010 and was followed by the single Shady Grove in June 2011. The group is currently recording several new songs for upcoming projects.
The Danberrys have worked and performed with some of Nashville’s most talented young musicians including Ethan Ballinger, Ryan Cavanaugh, Ryan Furst, Geoff Henderson, Christian Sedelmeyer, Jake Winebrenner and Mike Witcher. Their engaging live shows are always energetic and soul-filled affairs with a healthy dose of improvisation and an emphasis on having a Danberry good time!

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