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TUB (Taft’s Bathtub) LIVE @ Asheville Music Hall 7-27-2018

Taft’s Bathtub! Originating in 2012ish in Winston-Salem, NC, the Tub has seen a variety of players step inside itself over the years. While the players may rotate, and those players may even rotate between instruments, one thing is for sure- there’s a whole lotta room in Taft’s Bathtub for a good time. For this particular show, those who will be splashing about are as follows:

Daniel Combs (keys/guitar)
David Murray (bass/guitar)
Marcus Clonts (drums)
Dennis Brumback (Lead Guitar)
Bailey Igoe from Taft’s Bathtub (guitar/vocals)
Casey Chanatry from Jahman Brahman (guitar)
Tim Husk from Freeway Revival (guitar/vocals)
Ryan Eaton (saxophone)

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