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The Fritz ft. Natalie Cressman, Chris Bullock, Justin Stanton – Fade

The Fritz is:
Jamar Woods – Keyboards / Vocals
Jamie Hendrickson – Guitar
Jake O’Connor – Bass
Michael Tillis – Drums
Mikey “Spice” Evans – Percussion

Natalie Cressman -Trombone
Chris Bullock – Tenor Saxophone
Justin Stanton – Trumpet

Recorded at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, NC
Julian Dreyer – Engineer
Josh Blake – Engineer and Spirit Guide
Guy Newton and Shane Peters – Videographers
Mixed and Mastered by Jason “Jocko” Randall at More Sound Recording Studio in Syracuse, NY
Edited by Guy Newton and Michael Tillis

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Parsnip Gravy
The Fritz
One word, a thousand pictures, taking
The past, the present, future, making
All things a faded moment, bringing
Down the good and up the bad so they all seem the same…

It’s like I’m moving forward, moving
At once in two directions, wondering
If running is the answer, losing
Time and gaining nothing just to finish at the start…

Am I a fool for writing, the truth
A song without a lyric, and you
Stare at the empty pages, and see
Too much to call nothing, but it’s not enough for you…

It started with a letter, from you
It’s all unanswered questions, and full
Of little misspelled meanings, and of
Blank stares and some empty gazes hiding them from view…

Am I a fool for giving, to you
A rib, a heart, a demon, or to
Sit back and watch you lose them, while the
Sun sets and the moon stays dark to hide the truth of you…

A window and a mirror, asking
To only scratch the surface, seeing
White noise and faded pictures, all the
Shades and shadows casting light reflecting back at you…

A heart is not an anchor, holding
The sum of weighted moments, pulling
The meaning from the answers, leaving
Nothing but a ship of questions sailing to the sun…

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