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Little Bird LIVE @ Salvage Station 3-9-2018

Little Bird (abbreviated nickname from childhood), began in 2010 as the brainchild solo-act artist Jay “Little Bird” H. Hurtt VI (Lothian MD). In 2013 the full-band formed including members James Rubush (Crofton MD), Chris Elvidge (Crofton MD), and Michael Ware (Crofton MD). What started in Hurtt’s homemade basement studio would leave various recordings throughout the tail of their High School and early College years. American Spirits (2013) and GROOVE (2015) debuted Little Bird to FM radio waves and would lead to pocketed audiences and a modest following throughout the Mid-Atlantic. The band would be named 1770 Records “Band of the Year” in 2016 after playing and headling various festivals such as Bay Funk, Pink Moon, Silopanna, Doah, EastPortaRockin’ along with sharing the stage with the likes of G. Love & Special Sauce, Fortunate Youth, Long Miles, Jimmies Chicken Shack, Pressing Strings, Zach Deputy, Mo Lowda & the Humble and many more.
After various member exchanges, the Surf Rock/Jazz/Americana group began relentlessly touring throughout the East Coast early 2017. Jay “Little Bird” Hurtt, currently resides in Savannah, GA, attending Savannah College of Art and Design. The rest of the band is based out of Charleston, SC, including members James Rubush (Guitar), Ben Mossman (Bass), Oleg Terentiev (Drums), Noah Jones (Piano), Shelby McDaniel (Vocals), fronted by primary songwriter Jay Hurtt (Guitar/Vocals).
In October 2017 the band along with Engineer/Producers Shane Woods, and Jeff Lucci (Mo Lowda & the Humble) recorded at Headroom Studios (Philadelphia, PA). The self-titled Little Bird EP will be released April 2018.

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