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Dirty Dead and special guests LIVE @ Asheville Music Hall 12-27-2019

Asheville NC’s DIRTY DEAD are literally on fire. With high-energy, modern interpretations of the classic GD/JGB catalog, DIRTY DEAD are calling the music higher and further than in a long time! With an eclectic mix of players from various styles of music — as the Grateful Dead were –something new, fresh and exciting is happening. Psychedelia, reggae, funk and hip-hop in a Grateful Dead song? OK, got to see this!

THE SOUND grew out of guitarist / flautist PAUL DRUM DECIRCE’s feeling the urge for the Dead sound to evolve further — further than trying to imitate or even emulate the great bands accomplishments. GRATEFUL DEAD played at the foot of the pyramids and JERRY GARCIA rocked for thirty years … no need to try and copy that.

INSTEAD, the band simply lead their individual styles to a mash up…and the result quite simply is … DIRTY!

Dirty Dead are: Paul DeCirce, Eric Swanson, Sean Mason, Bryan Solleveld, Garrett Andrews with Chris Walden.

First wave guest announcement:

Anton Delacour
Ben Falcon
Blue Ridge Boy
Carey Walter
Eric Plotkin
Ethan Heller
Jack Muscari
Jimmi Lang
Nicole Nicolopoulos
Savannah Faith Smith
Spiro Nicolopoulos

More next week!
Jam time!

Join Dirty Dead and special guests for their Music Hall debut. This is a one of a kind event not to be missed.

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