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Posh Hammer – Absolutely Everyone

Posted In : Archives, Music Video Asheville 2016

Posh Hammer’s official music video for their single “Absolutely Everyone” is an espionage love story inspired by Old Hollywood and the classic dinner party.

Posh Hammer is a teenage indie pop trio whose musical talent and vintage influences belie their age — Navied recently turned 18, while twins Tasnim and Tiam are 16. The Asheville-based siblings have made their music careers a top priority, even convincing their parents to homeschool them so that they can dedicate more of their time to recording and gigging. Lead guitarist Navied co-writes the band’s catchy power-pop tunes with vocalist and frontwoman Tasnim while Tiam holds down the groove on bass. “We think being siblings has made it easier for Posh Hammer to be one musical unit that happens to contain three distinct personalities,” says Navied. “Rather than three musical individuals who just happen to be in a band.”

With Tasnim’s gutsy vocals, Tiam’s driving bass lines and Navied’s clever hooks, Posh Hammer draws inspiration from the likes of David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Cars, The Killers, and Bleachers, to name a few. It’s a sound and a style that has drawn attention from the Asheville music scene and media. Asheville Grit describes the band as “not just a regular, old rock band, but a retro-pop, super-stylish band writing and playing original songs and rocking looks inspired by people and music that were around long before they were born.” Asheville’s Mountain Xpress writes, “Posh Hammer
has learned much in a relatively short time about what it takes to be successful in the music industry.”

The band recorded their debut album, Some Other Time, Some Other Place, at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in early 2014 and is slated to release its newest EP, A Revolt into Style this year. A tour, music video for their song “Absolutely Everyone” and a follow-up EP are already in the works.

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