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Hope Griffin Band Holiday Album Release @ Asheville Music Hall 12-15-2017

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Hope Griffin was literally born into music. Surrounded by a musical family, she began singing and performing when she was very young. Hope first got turned onto the idea of writing her own music when she received a guitar at age 17. She attended Carson-Newman University and went on to receive a Bachelors degree in classical voice. It was there that her true flair for songwriting developed. Hope’s drive to perform her original works was launched after winning a songwriters contest in college in 2007. She eventually moved to Asheville, North Carolina where she began introducing her angelic vocals and folky lyrics into the music scene.

Since her time in Asheville, Hope has entered and won several singer/songwriter contests, including 2nd place of thousands to open for Dave Barnes. In 2012, her debut single “Hanging In The Balance” made international radio play. She was recognized in regional publications such as the Herald-Journal, The Mountain Express, and The Daily Times. She appeared on WNC television, and began touring all over the Southeast USA. In 2014, in an effort to expand her acoustic sound, she teamed up with NJ born cellist and Asheville transplant Jamie Leigh Bennett to create a dynamic guitar/cello blend of original sound. In 2016 & 2017, she consecutively snagged both best “Singer-Songwriter” and best “Acoustic/Folk Band” titles in Western North Carolina though community votes. Later on that year, Hope added long-time friend and talented lead guitarist Andrew Thelston into the group. Together, their combined fusion of her silky vocals, Andrew’s sassy, electric blues rifts, and Jamie Leigh’s deep, rich cello lines has made for a listening experience quite unlike any other. Hope’s “in your face” style of ballad writing, as well as the trio’s reputation for playing fresh versions of songs that span through the decades has made them popular amongst a wide range of age groups.

Hope continues to wow audiences and stretch the musical boundaries by switching from soulful ballads to high-energy blues with ease. Her 6 original song EP, entitled “Say What You Will” released on February 6th, 2015 to a sold out show at Isis Restaurant & Music Hall in Asheville, NC. Her third song on the album titled “A Fisherman’s Life” was awarded “best song” in WNC in 2016. Each song on the record offered a diverse style and hook worthy of its subject matter, but all were linked with Hope’s angelic voice, catchy beats, and poignant imagery. This album was one that fans of folk music and singer-songwriters had been waiting for since Hope first began mesmerizing her audiences, and was the perfect exhibition of her extraordinary talent.

Riding on the wings of the success of 2015’s album, Hope jumped back in the studio to record a larger project titled “Where the Soil & the Stars Meet”, which released on October 31st, 2016. As a strong follow up to her previous release, Hope’s newest album—her first LP—is as eclectic and as unpredictable of a musical journey as those who fell in love with her debut might expect. Song after song, Hope defies convention, leading her audience by the hand through honest reflections of true love, a broken heart left devastated, a chance meeting with strangers, to the celebration of a long life well-lived. Constantly blending genres, the very essence of Hope’s trademark style constantly remains: Her lyrical quality of capturing the simplest of life’s moments and rendering them profound reflections on the emotions that unite us all. A haunting and always evolving collection of ballads, “Where the Soil and Stars Meet” peers into the soul of an artist whose fingers remain firmly on the pulse of the curious odyssey in which we all find ourselves.

Hope can currently be seen touring as a Folk/Americana trio with her cellist Jamie Leigh and lead guitarist Andrew Thelston at many venues throughout the Southeast US. Her free spirited personality and ability to tell beautiful stories through song make her a true force to be reckoned with – and a hard excuse to miss.

Best “Singer-Songwriter” & “Folk/Acoustic” Band in 2017 – Mountain Xpress

Best “Singer-Songwriter” & “Folk/Acoustic Band” in 2016 -Mountain Xpress

Best Song for “A Fisherman’s Life” in 2016 – Mountain Xpress

Acoustic Throwdown Finalist 2015, Asheville, NC

Winner; Singer-Songwriter Contest in Black Mountain, NC 2012

Brown Bag Songwriter Finalist 2011 & 2012, Asheville, NC


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