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Brew Davis Album Release Party @ Ambrose West 2-29-2020

Posted In : Ambrose West, Archives

If you took a map of Tennessee and North Carolina and asked someone to put a pin in the exact middle of it, they’d probably land somewhere near the bohemian redoubt of Asheville, nestled snug in the Southern Appalachians.
Brew Davis has divided most of his 41 years between those two states. (As a former history teacher, he’s quick to point out that one- Tennessee- used to be partof the other.) So it’s fitting he’s landed smack in the middle of ‘um.
It’s also fitting that he’d draw from their shared musical heritage- country and bluegrass- to create his own unique blend of “Brewgrass,” a sound that runs the gamut from energy-infused country to string-laden mountain ballads- all smothered in some of the most inventive lyrics you’ll find either side of the Blue Ridge.
“You can get the boy out of the twang,” Davis quips, referencing his Nashville roots, “but you can’t get the twang out of the boy.”

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