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Opposite Box Live @ Salvage Station 6-2-2017

Opposite Box is a genre-bending experimental rock band from Chattanooga, TN known for high energy live shows and a seamless blend of psychedelic jazz, progressive rock and dirty funk – dubbed “Belligerent Jungle Funk” – that is often compared to acts like Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle and Parliament Funkadelic.

Opposite Box presents a theatrical live experience with an over-the-top, psychedelic atmosphere. Dazzling lights, a spectacular cast of characters ranging from belly dancers and fire eaters to live painters and costumed freaks and an organized cacophony of sounds and inspirations hearken back to a time when artists were more than still life paintings in the background performing the soundtrack to failed dive bar pickup lines and overly complicated drink orders. Opposite Box challenges all in attendance to engage and react, allowing the audience to become the show.
00:00:00 – “If You Wanna”
00:07:20 – “No Place (For People Like Us)”
00:18:58 – “NuJazz”
00:23:58 – “Anteater Molly”
00:32:02 – “Anteater Molly” DRUM SOLO +
00:34:30 – “Anteater Molly” Reprise/ Band Introduction
00:38:08 – “Devil’s Lettuce” =
00:50:44 – “Birds on a Fence/SARAH” ^
01:06:20 – “Creatures” #

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