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Ras Alan and the Lions LIVE @ Salvage Station 9-23-2017

Ras Alan- Vocals, resonator, flat top and electric guitars, dB (the drinkbox Ras Alan stomps for a drum in acoustic settings), ashiko, songwriter, arranger, producer.

From 1991-2010 The Lions have included: bassists-“Brother Bob” Franklin, Dennis “Jah B” Berndt, Ian “New Taters” Feathers, Michael “Sir Mike” Fink, Jay Sanders, Billy “Jah Life” Flynt, Gary “I-ley” Wiley, Durham Mike, “Jah Will” Nicholson. On Drumkit- Billy “Mismo Joe” Owens, Skye McLeod, Brandon Renfro, Adam Sitnick, Richard “Mashee” Foulk, “Pele” Pyle, Tom “Smiley D” Davenport, Freddy Jones, I-ric Dauphin, “Farmer John” Weiner. On organ, piano, keyboards- Don “Latrelle” Eanes, Robert “Brother Bob” Franklin, Andy “Jah-remy” Corn, Sean “Foley-I” Foley. On Guitar- Evan “The Professor” Ackerman, “Dubby” Gray Whitley, “Jah P” Delonye. On Fiddle- Michael Ogren. On Percussion- Nethali “NeddyMon” Percival, “Tob-I” Halton. And on saxophone- Frank “Sunshine” Southecorvo. Many others have sat in or played just a show or two…. Always positive!

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