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Siamese Sound Club LIVE @ Salvage Station 1-5-2018

R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop
Don’t be misled by the title: Siamese Sound Club is born from a highly diverse and infectious melting pot of influences. SSC is just as deep into the world of R&B, HipHop and NeoSoul as it’s improvisational jazzy undertones. The love child of prolific Asheville music scenesters, Simon Thomas George, CaroMia Tiller and Phil Bronson. SSC was formed in the summer of 2015. Always teasing the line of musicality and emotional depth, SSC embraces the affection of music aficionados and the casual listener alike.
Simon is something of a wizard on the keyboard. At 24, he has a striking handle on his instrument. He is both the bassist and keyboardist, grooving the left hand synth-bass while his right hand flies independently across the spectrum of his keyboard, allowing him creative freedom in the chordal realm. When performing as a duo, Simon adds to his ministry of talents, looping beatboxing and keyboards to essentially be a band in himself. CaroMia’s transcendent voice twirls and spins on top, and is as much an instrument in itself as a carrier of lyrics. Saluted by AskAsheville as “a sultry and seductive voice you’d swear you’ve only heard dotting the landscape of your dreams,” CaroMia garners attention for her vast range in of expression. More often than not, Micah Thomas is present with his playful approach and his magic bag of percussive toys and tricks (not to mention, the kid doesn’t stop smiling). And last but definitely not least, Phil’s impossibly sensitive ear and exceptional musicality takes him far beyond the scope of the archetypal drummer and is reliably the connecting thread that unites SSC individual’s ideas. Offering honest, heartfelt lyrical content, breathtaking vocals and deep grooves to make you move, Siamese Sound Club serves the body, mind, and soul.

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