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The Phryg LIVE (Partial set) @ Pisgah Brewing Company 6-20-2019

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Born of stardust and cosmic slop in a distant galaxy, The Phryg traveled light years in space to share his knowledge of deep interstellar vibrations. He spent years posing as an ordinary refrigerator across the globe before carefully selecting four elite earthlings in whom he bestowed the great power of the funk. After intense physical and mental training, the students would go on to form a band manufacturing melodious sounds unlike anything heard by the ears of mankind. Infectious grooves and tantalizing melodies woven into exploratory soundscapes seething with virtuosic solos and mind-blowing jams all while keeping that booty shaking. Born was the future of music This is…THE PHRYG

Recently The Phryg has shared the stage with phenomenal performers such as Bob Lanzetti of Snarky Puppy, The Fritz, Electric Love Machine, Tweed and many more. Having drawn attention from publications such as Performer Magazine, The Jamwich, The Journal News and Pittsburgh Music Magazine, The Phryg released their self-titled full length album in July 2016 as a follow up to their debut EP “Midnight Snack”.

“These bad boys from Brooklyn were hard to peg, with elements of rock, prog and jam, spread thick on a toast of funk. It was delicious to my ears.” – Sound and Silence Magazine

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