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BomBassic, WiZ0, Double Helix @ Asheville Music Hall 1-4-2020

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The musical partnership of Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive focused on creating sound full of emotion and energy. Raised on the raw sound of NY hip-hop, and groomed in Asheville’s eclectic electronic music scene, they exhibit a wide range of influences. From funk, classical, jazz to glitch-hop, house, and future bass, every resonating genre is explored. With Brucey B on the keys and HyperDrive controlling a custom DJ-FX rack, their high-energy live performance adds an incredibly soulful dimension to their sound. BomBassic’s music is always growing, in different directions, looking for new ways to connect with the listener.


Asheville’s Tyler Walden started producing music in 2010; Composing Hip Hop beats collaborating with local rappers. His passion for electronic music soon turned his style into something everyone can enjoy.
His music project WiZ0 [named after a childhood nickname] Blends a Precussive feel good style with pleasing melodies, mixing tasteful electronic music combined with his own productions.
WiZ0’s provided support for artists such as Huglife, Of The Trees, CloZee and many more. He’s played events such as Heilos, Dark Fest, Envision Reality, and Maynes Good Time. Also Asheville’s own Full Moon Gatherings. Along with a number of benifit events.

Double Helix (Aidan Rolfe B2B Peri Meters)

Aidan Rolfe and Peri Meters are proud to present their long-awaited collaboration, Double Helix. The name represents the many facets of the duo’s partnership. Their synergy and musical tastes twist and wind around each other (and the dancefloor), providing an electric and eclectic experience to get you moving. Both members have been contributing to the Asheville house and techno music scene by way of Our House Productions, Asheville Full Moon Gatherings, and of course, Aidan’s podcast Synth Etiquette Radio, which showcases local and regional house and techno artists, including Peri herself. Check out www.SynthEtiquette.Radio for more!

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