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Hail Cassius Neptune Set 2 @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 9-8-2017

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Hail Cassius Neptune fuzes art rock with R&B into a unique sound channeling Erykah Badu and Hiatus Kaiyote. Fronted by Kylie Jo and Wilson Stern, their music weaves a danceable tapestry for the mind, body & soul. The band has been compared to acts across the gamut from The Mars Volta and Primus to Frank Zappa and D’Angelo. Kylie Jo Stern’s vocals bring together Lauryn Hill’s sense of soul with Fiona Apple’s sense of humor.

Their newest release “Oscillate” was recorded live at Medusa Studios in Gainesville, FL and is the first single from H!CN’s forthcoming EP “LEMB”. As reviewed by “Oscillate…finds the audience disentangling their own tendons to dip with the dive and hip with the highs in a track contextualised by sultry vocal and swinging rhythms.”

“Check out my student’s awesome band Hail! Cassius Neptune. Some really awesome proggy stuff going on here, with counterintuitive riffs, odd times, awesome vocals and guitar and bass work! Enjoy!” -John Ferrara, Consider the Source

Hail! Cassius Neptune has performed with: Beats Antique, Dubconscious, Papadosio, Little Tybee, the Mantras, Consider the Source, ComeBack Alice, and Flat Land.

H!CN has preformed at: Purple Hatters Ball, Barn Burner Fest, Snaggy Mountain Music Festival, Forever Summer.

More quotes about Hail! Cassius Neptune:

“What I really enjoyed about H!CN’s performance was that there was a subtle yet powerful energy being exchanged between the lines of the music that felt like so much more than a 4-piece, minimalist-looking band should be able to produce so naturally. It was a pleasant surprise not only to see these guys … but to see a good-sized crowd holding down a local stage instead of hanging out with Dubconscious” -Sean Dorsett, the Observatory (about H!CN’s Saturday set at Purple Hatters Ball)

“I think it’s f*^kin brilliant and I CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD I’m catching myself humming this at work and sh*t. Well done Wilson and Kylie Jo!” -Daniel Kinney, the Duppies (about H!CN’s cover of Muddy Waters’ “Long Distance Call”)
“Really digging how this stuff sounds with all the vocal melodies… also hearing ‘Guitar Wilson Stern’ playing with ‘Bass Wilson Stern’ is enjoyable as hell.” -Brian Johnson, Locochino (about H!CN’s sophomore EP, “Where is that Cat?”)

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