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Noah Proudfoot & the Botanicals LIVE @ Salvage Station 1-6-2018

I hope you’ll find here music that touches you, messages that inspire you, and dreams that empower you.

My biography is perhaps not too much unlike your own story. I grew up on a planet called Earth, went to school, then college. Had my heart broken a few times. Been penniless more than once. I’ve laughed till I wet my pants, and I’ve cried rivers into my shirt. I’ve had quite embarrassing moments, and moments of great accomplishment and satisfaction. I’ve feared that I wasn’t good enough, but also let my pride get the best of me. Perhaps like me, you’ve looked around and thought, boy what a beautiful world this is. And perhaps like me, you’ve looked around and thought, my what a broken world this is.

And perhaps, like me, you’ve thought, what can I do to change the world? What can I do to leave this place just a little better than when I found it? And that my friend, is where our paths meet.

It’s this questioning that leads us to the answers we seek. And all my seeking has led me back to one place, Love. The place where everything begins and to which everything returns.

Like the song says, ‘what the world needs now is Love sweet Love, no not just for some, but for everyone.’

My aim as a musician is to fill the airwaves with the vibrations of harmony, happiness, peace, joy, and laughter. At some point in our lives, a day will come when we must take a leap into the unknown, into the place that frightens and exhilarates us, into a dream greater than ourselves.

Let today be that day.


Noah Proudfoot

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