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5150: The police code for involuntary psychiatric hold in California. A crazy person on the loose.
Song written and produced by CHACHILLIE
Executive Producer Ben Gradison
Original instrumental by Terry “Dub” Whitaker
Mixing Eric Reynolds
Song Recorded and Produced at D-Street Studios in Asheville N.C.
Mastered by Nix Mastering in Memphis, T.N.

Video Produced by Andrew Anderson

Video Photography by Andrew Anderson, Charles Stewart,
Brian Wilson Natasha Meduri, and Antony Abraira

Pedialyte: When a baby is sick mothers are sometimes told to substitute breast feeding with Pedialyte, an oral electro-lyte solution. Mary Magdalene: One of Jesus most celebrated disciples, who he cleansed of seven demons, appeared to first after the Resurrection, and possibly had children with.
Purple Robe: Refers to purple garments signifying royalty and the robe placed on Jesus along with the crown of thorns upon being crucified.
Mary Magdalene is often depicted wearing such a robe.
Tenenbaum: German for Christmas Tree.
The Royal Tenenbaums: The Royal Tenenbaunns is a 2001 American comedy-drama film.
Easter: From Eeostre, a mother goddess of germanic pagans whom they celebrated in her springtime month. Easter has somehow grown to be widely associated with Jesus and is accepted as a Christian holiday.

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