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John Doyle LIVE @ Isis Music Hall 12-12-2020

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For Tonight’s Concert Isis Music Hall features John Doyle

This concert is by donation
Donations for the show can be made to our Live Stream PayPal pool:

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A percentage is going to the venue and the rest to the artist(s) who are performing live in the venue tonight.

John Doyle‘s remarkable guitar talents are legendary but in recent years his songwriting has been getting a growing share of attention. His articulate, colorful and evocative songs of emigration, war, oppression and loss rival the greatest traditional songs ever in the Irish canon. An evening of top class musicianship and songs by an original heavyweight in celtic music.
“Name many of the most notable recordings and/or performers in Irish, English folk, Bluegrass and American folk and it’s a fair bet that John Doyle had something to do with them. Joan Baez; Jerry Douglas; Kate Rusby; Liz Carroll; Eileen Ivers; Tim O’Brien; Karan Casey; Solas; Mary Black; McCusker, McGoldrick and Doyle; The Teetotalers (Martin Hayes, Kevin Crawford, John Doyle); and now Usher’s Island (Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Mike McGoldrick, Paddy Glackin and John Doyle) and the list goes on and on – a vertible who’s who of the greatest names in folk music. These are just a very few of the stellar artists for whom John Doyle’s signature guitar sound, singing or songwriting is essential.

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