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Big Dawg Slingshots LIVE @ Asheville Music Hall 9-29-2017

Davin Sneeblii, Guitar, Vox
Marina Sneeblii, Fiddle, Vox, Tap Shoes
Shanti the Great, Clarinet

In the great port of New Orleans, standing at the crossroads where country meets jazz, the Big Dawg Slingshots will chase your blues away with their irresistible swing rhythms. A delightful concoction of dixieland, down home fiddle melodies and jazz tap dancing, the acoustic swing outfit is gaining notoriety for their fiery improvisations and fast footed fiddler. Backed by revolving collective of virtuoso musicians who love to get people dancing, the Big Dawg Slingshots are known for their celebratory live shows.
The group is led by traveling troubadours Davin and Marina Sneeblii, who met while touring the US relentlessly, armed only with a guitar, a fiddle and their canine companions. Their vintage sounds are driven by front man Davin’s golden voice and bold swinging rhythm guitar that draws from the wellspring of Americana, including influences from country swing heavyweights Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys to Jazz greats like Sidney Bechet, Fats Waller and Stuff Smith. Davin’s smooth jazzy croon with a hint of country twang shines bright, whether he is belting a rousing dance tune or serenading a laid back blues. Marina’s homegrown fiddle incorporates elements of early jazz, ragtime, country blues and Western swing. High-spirited audience favorites such as “Everybody’s Truckin'” and “Something in the Water” feature her unique style of tap dance. Tireless and energetic performers, the group draws a loyal following, packing pubs, speakeasys and street corners with swing dancers and recently headlining Ho-Down in Holden Town Festival in New Orleans, LA.

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