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Rip Haven – Di Another Da (Official Video)

Posted In : Archives, Music Video Asheville 2017

Official video – Di Another Da

Directed by Nick Iway
Produced by Rip Haven
Executive Producer: Geoff Dilts
Director of Photography: Adam Pinnell
Special Effects Make Up: John Lauterbach
Stunt Effects: Chris Neuman
Post Production Effects: Daniel Judson
Crew: Johnny Robbins, Kallen DeHart, Kali Clark, Erin Stickney
Staring: Rip Haven (Geoff Dilts, Bryan Fisher, Mike Cloninger, Billy Wooten, Chris Tate)
Scott Thomas
Jessica Patrick
Daniel Stickley, Kathleen Cook, Scott Pruett, Todd Spas, Nick Iway, Phil Koch, Tab Merkel, Nick Biggs, Miles Rice, Erin Stickney (with Bubba and Baily Dilts), Kim Shook, Cindy Fisher, Noah Urlaub, Amy Packer, Aaron Fowler, Ashley Fowler, Staci Mayer, Adam Gundlach, Johnny Robbins, Kali Clark

Catering: Erin Stickney, Cindy Fisher

Special Thanks to: Biltmore Iron and Metal, Image Dental Arts, High Five Coffee Shop, The Social, Jennifer and George Farley, Jan Balster, Dan Hedges, Cory Short, Shaun Blanton, Old Grouch’s Military Surplus, Image 420, Asheville Police Department, Asheville Grit

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