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Get Right Band LIVE w/ Opal Strings @ Ambrose West 6-2-2019

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The sound of The Get Right Band featuring Opal Strings is unlike anything you’ve heard. Let’s start with the instrumentation–violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, electric bass, drum set, and vocals. Let’s talk about genres–indie rock, classical, funk, reggae, Americana, psychedelia, soul, jam, spoken word poetry, and probably a few other things we’re forgetting about. The songs–raw, personal, global, witty, dark, uplifting. There’s probably something in there for you.

The Get Right Band is a psychedelic indie rock power trio from Asheville, NC. The band is built on the musical brotherhood that guitarist/vocalist Silas Durocher and bassist Jesse Gentry have formed playing music together since middle school. Durocher, who is a trained composer and has been commissioned to write for symphonies and chamber groups, has guitar chops that can soothe or rage and a charismatic swagger as a frontman and a singer. “Durocher has an impressive range and rich clarity to his vocals—think a more soulful Dan Auerbach” (Connect Savannah). Gentry’s virtuosic bass playing “catapults from elastic to nasty” (The Mountain Xpress). With the addition of Jian-Claude Mears, a drummer with “precision, passion, and an inescapable momentum” (Live For Live Music), the group’s sound has become an unstoppable force.

Opal Strings are known for their polished precision and fiery intensity. They are dedicated to bringing the art of chamber music to the people by performing in all kinds of venues, from schools, bars, and art galleries, to street corners and concert halls. Their members have performed with the Asheville, Greenville, and Charlotte Symphonies, Free Planet Radio, and Sirius.B.

The Get Right Band brings a danceable groove to the material and the emotive strings bring a sweetness and a depth–and then sometimes they switch roles. On one song the ensemble might lean into the gentle melancholy of nostalgic love and on another they might dive into a funky, dissonant world of musical exploration. You will hear an endless blending of genres and you will hear genreless music. You will hear intricate compositions, improvisation, poetry, beauty, pain, healing, and everything in between.

Come with open ears and open hearts.

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