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The Steppin Stones Free Livestream @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 4-28-2017

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(link to 2018 “Sibling Rivalry” show)
Set List:
Jam in Em
Morning Light (from Looking Glass, 2014)
Rhiannon (cover)
Versus The Villan (from Looking Glass, 2014)
Ohio (cover)
Friends With The Dark (from The Steppin Stones, 2015)
Nowhere Fast (from The Steppin Stones, 2015)
Looking Glass (from Looking Glass, 2014 + gets a makeover on the new release!!)
Weather This (from The Steppin Stones, 2015)
Givin’ Into You ((from The Steppin Stones, 2015)
False And Hollow (from The Steppin Stones, 2015)
All Along The Watchtower (cover)
Keep Me Around (from Looking Glass, 2014)
Mama Said (from The Steppin Stones, 2015 + gets a makeover on the new release!!)
Rockin’ In The Free World (cover)

What’s the secret to forming a band that has been around for a decade, put out four releases, and shared stages with renowned musical acts including Kansas, Jefferson Starship, Outlaws, Lyle Lovett, Jason Isbell, and Rusted Root all by the age you can legally vote? One answer: start young. Hannah Wicklund (guitar/vocals), Justice Ian Jones (drums), and Andrew Ottimo (bass/vocals) began following their passion for music at ages when most kids still take afternoon naps.
Hannah began taking piano lessons at age 3 and was entering classical music competitions by the age of 4. By kindergarten, her father gave her a book of Beatles cover songs, expanding her tastes from classical to classic rock. At age 6, she played her first show, performing Beatles covers with her brother, Luke Mitchell (also a musician, currently of the band The High Divers). She first picked up a guitar at age 8, and by 9, she had formed The Steppin Stones.
Ian started playing the drums at 5 years old, inspired by musicians like Mike Maple and Carter Beauford. Rounding out the three-piece is Andrew Ottimo, whose lifelong inspiration is Les Claypool, the lead singer and bassist of quirky San Francisco rock band Primus.
While The Steppin Stones began as a cover band, the trio has spent the past three years exploring their own distinct sound, writing their own music, and touring as much as possible. The sound they’ve accomplished is nostalgic rock, informed by all those years playing classic songs. Hannah’s singing voice and guitar playing has earned her comparisons to blues/soul musician Susan Tedeschi, which speaks to the strength of the band’s performance style.
In between touring and playing private events (including several parties for AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and his vintage racing team), they managed to release a self-titled album last year, recorded at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, NC.

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