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Clint Roberts Trio LIVE @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 1-18-2020

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

“Sad Boi Roots Rock” is as apt of a term as one will probably hear for Clint Roberts’ sound. It’s not quite country. It’s not quite Americana or Rock & Roll. Perhaps it is a trifecta of the three, followed close by Robert’s pop sensibility. But you won’t find any backing tracks typical of a pop performance in a Clint Roberts show. There’s no lip syncing or choreographed routines. No, what there is a young man, his voice, and the questions for the world he so desperately seeks an answer for.

Clint was raised in Brevard, North Carolina, a small Appalachian town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Music-making started as more of an emotional outlet than a desire for a career path for Roberts, who originally had chosen a career in stage acting for himself. In his late teenage years, Clint was inspired by the rugged folk rock sounds of early Avett Brothers and the skilled finger picking of The Tallest Man On Earth. Clint picked up guitar and banjo while focusing on writing and singing songs that his friends could play along to. After graduating from high school in 2012, Clint and his high school band The Fox Fire would go onto being an established folk rock act in the Boone music scene, sometimes selling as many as 400 tickets at local shows. In 2014, he left from the project to focus on his solo creative efforts and by 2017 he would release his first album while living in East Nashville. Hamlet Blues, a record covering themes of heartbreak, mental illness, and existential dread, caught the attention of regional radio stations and fans of Americana and Roots music.

Driving beats, furious finger-style guitar, and soaring catchy choruses are what you can expect at a Clint Roberts’ show these days. Since the release of Hamlet Blues, Roberts has returned home from Nashville to the mountains of Western North Carolina. There, he has assembled a crew of regional musicians to help his songs reach their full head-bobbing and dance potential. Featuring pedal steel, drums, piano/organ, bass, and harmony vocals, Clint Roberts & The Wonder Drug are now regularly touring major cities in the South East. In August of 2019, Clint became affiliated with LA based Round Table Management. He and his management are currently preparing for his debut record release in 2020.

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