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Hard Rocket LIVE @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 2-15-2018

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Asheville Rock Collective showcase. Hard Rocket crash landed in the mountains of WNC several years ago with a mission to rock Asheville. The cosmonauts of Hard Rocket are armed with the essentials for Rock-n-Roll and have been playing and winning converts one Rock show at a time. Colonel Lewison Clark, armed with his Les Paul Jr. aka Johnny Crunch and his SG Jr. aka Johnny Lightning, has been the main force behind Hard Rocket’s success. Drummer Guido Stein possesses the Sonic Boom of the universe with his Bam Bam drum kit and his Mighty Max chops. Rubio Gold digs into his trusty Fender bass, attacking audiences with his rapid-fire 8th notes. Rocket Boy Kight uses his Les Paul and SG as a laser, searing electric notes of Rock joy into the audience from his Vox amp. Not afraid to wave the Rock-n-Roll flag, the members of Hard Rocket wear their influences on their sleeves. Aficionados of straight-up Rock-n-Roll love Hard Rocket because they love to rock hard. Don’t miss their explosive next show.

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