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Carpal Tullar LIVE @ Pisgah Brewing Co.8-9-2018

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Carpal Tullar describes both the recording project operated exclusively by Chris Tullar of Asheville, NC, and the Asheville-based band that plays Carpal Tullar songs live. Chris has been recording music in his home studio for many years. Some of the songs are brand new and others are old enough to vote, so there is a wide variety in the band repertoire. The music is infectious and upbeat rock, lyrically witty, and spattered with influences from the greats of the 1960s and 70s.

Chris is joined on bass by Rob Heyer, who has played in many Asheville-based bands over the past twenty years and most recently Noonday Sun, John McKinney on drums, who is also a long-running Asheville musician, a multi-instrumentalist, but mostly plays keyboards for local bands and various projects in the area, most recently Station Underground and Ton of Hay, and Dave Baker, who fronts the Asheville band The Long Distance Relationship, on guitar and keys.

Carpal Tullar has been played on WNCW, Asheville FM, appeared on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast, and even made a musical appearance on Car Talk.

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