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“Asheville All Stars” – War Pigs feat. Zaq Suarez – Downtown After Five 9-19-2014

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Asheville’s summer concert series, Downtown After Five, brings a group of “Asheville All Stars” to the stage for the second year in a row. Here, Zaq Suarez of The Hermit Kings croons his way through the Black Sabbath tune “War Pigs”.

The 2014 Asheville All Stars are:

Lee Allen
Jeff Sipe
Josh Blake
Duane Simpson
Casey Cramer
Ben Bjorlie
Taylor Lee
Jamar Woods
Mary Frances
Derrick Johnson
Henery Westmorland
Paul Julh
Zaq Suarez
Indigo DeSouza
Molly Kummerle
Kat WIlliams
Holiday Childress

Scott Reese
Guy Newton

Guy Newton

Produced by Independent Arts and Music Asheville

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