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Colby Deitz Band LIVE @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 8-5-2017

Posted In : Archives, Pisgah Brewing Co.

Spending almost 3 years on the road as a member of Mangas Colorado, Colby Deitz was awarded the oppertunity to share the stage with Grammy award winning artists, travel across the U.S, and accumulate over 1.6 million streams on digital music. When Mangas took an indefinite hiatus in 2015, Colby was stuck in small town America with nothing but time. Out of money and low on happiness, Colby took the advice of his best friend and current bass player, Seamus Moose, and started a band all his own. Keeping true to the Americana and Roots beginnings of his musical career, he decided to take a leap that in truth scared him… Becoming a rock band. It’s August 2016 and little did he know, but Colby’s life would change drastically. In August of 2016, Colby signed with J/C Entertainment, a management company with the skills and resources to transform Colby into a next level rocker. It wouldn’t be long before the powerhouse pairing of Colby and J/C Entertainment started making themselves known in the industry. With a growing fan base and a surprising demand for music, Colby and the band headed to Echo Mountain Studios and recorded their debut EP “Revival”. Alma Russ on the fiddle, Seamus Moose on the bass, Tommy Partin on the guitar, and David Partin Jr on the drums, Colby has the band to take this project the distance. If you’re looking for a band that can write music to break your heart, warm the soul, make you dance, or inspire you, it’s all here. From the beauty of Alma’s fiddle, to the face melting guitar solos of Tommy Partin, the drive in David’s drums, the groove from the bass, or the captivating growl in Colby’s voice, we promise you … You will not want to miss a single show
Colby Deitz
Seamus Moose
Alma Russ
Tommy Partin
David Partin Jr

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